Summer show & Spring lab!!!

Summer is here along with everyone’s favorite theater festival – Hollywood Fringe 2023!!!
Having not worked directly on a live production since 2018, when some of your best pals want to premiere a lovely fun one-act, the only answer is yes!

Oh, Lorraine has select performances throughout June. Click below for more information:

Oh, Lorraine! at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

And Spring sprang for me personally when I was able to take a lab with the amazing Theatre Movement Bazaar!! After the pandemic wrecked my body for several reasons, I’ve been so hesitant to do any movement or dance. It was just too sad, and after slowing working off some injuries and regaining strength, I was subconsciously seeking an outlet to realign my mind, spirit, and body. That’s when the email invitation for their Spring lab popped up in my inbox, and it was exactly what I needed 🙂